What Will Happen if You Stop Sleeping??

Sureshrajan P
2 min readJun 30, 2018

How last the human beings will be able to awake and what are the things will happen if you don’t sleep for a long time. Read here below in this article…

After 24 Hours Your Dopamine (chemical content in your brain which affects emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain) level will increase and you will feel giddy. But soon you will lose the ability to focus. The hand eye coordination will get worse.

The Feeling is similar to getting drunk.

After 36 Hours
Your heart rate will start increasing and your mental ability will starts deteriorating. Your brain struggles to recall faces and words.

After 48 Hours
Your body will start shutting down important functions. It will lose its ability to properly metabolize Glucose. Which means your body will have lesser energy. Your immune system will begin to deteriorate.

After 72 Hours

You will start Hallucinating and experience microsleeps. It means your brain will go off to sleep for a brief time and wake up after a few seconds with a jerk! Your sense of smell and touch will decline.

So the Question is how long can Humans stay awake???

In 1955, Randy, a 17 year old high school student stayed awake for 264 hours which means he awake for 11 days!! But in 2014, a Chinese Soccer fan died from a stroke, After watching world cup games for 24 hours straight!!

So nobody can really say how long a human can stay awake!!!

BUT MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR Zssss on your time!!

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