Easy Ways To Spy Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Sureshrajan P
4 min readJun 25, 2020

Overhearing someone’s talk might sound like a bad idea in real life, but when it comes to digital marketing through Facebook, keeping a watchful eye on your competitors ads allow you to understand how the market is evolving everyday and what you can learn from your competitors to stay a step ahead. Do remember just like you can view their stats, chances are high that they are possibly looking at yours as well. So now let’s learn easy ways to spy your competitor’s Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Library

Facebook has long been adopting a transparent policy of updating every single ad on their library to make sure a transparent fair market exist in the virtual world for ad makers to see and improve. Every single ads approved by Facebook or its partner will be updated in their library. All you need to do is to go to the Facebook ads library page and just type in the name of the business or competitor that you wish to see, and search. You can now get a clear picture on all their ads, if it’s active or not, the region they are targeting, the creative video copies they have used, the size etc. This is where things get interesting, when you click on ‘see add details’ you will be redirected to their complete detail page and if you are lucky, you can even take a look at how much they have spent on the ad and how effective it has turned out to be. You can even view the multiple versions of the ad copies as well, but not every day ad is equipped with the budget details.

Analyze Ads You Get

So quite often you might wonder why you get a specific ad when you are scrolling the news feeds, I get it a lot more time than you could imagine. So what is it about? Why does the particular ad target you? To know why, click on the option button on your top right corner, where you can see the option “why am I seeing this ad’.

A pop up window will list out the reasons why you are getting the ad. It might be because of a particular website you have visited, or they have filtered you based on the languages you speak or your interests, or basically your details that might have shown you as a potential customer to them. This really helps you in breaking down how an ad targets a specific audience and how you can set yours to target a specific group in future as well, really a helpful move to understand the concept behind audience targeting by Facebook.

Visit or Take Action

Now this is your last resort in understanding your competitor, this is something quite commonly used by many business people to keep a close watch on others. Go to your competitor’s website and make a possible action. Maybe add to cart or go to checkout with a product and exit, now this will eventually let Facebook to target you with ads from the page you visited. See it’s that simple in following up with your competitor.

Now use the second step here, click on ‘why am I seeing this ad’ option and understand how they are retargeting their users once exited. Analyze the ad very carefully.

So these are basically the 3 ways to spy your competitor’s ads. Learn from this on how you can create content, be more create and how you can target specific audience group for better results as well.
As said earlier spying on your competitors is totally acceptable as long as it’s a healthy way of learning and improving.
Watch this space for more exciting works coming your way.

Now you learned how to spy, move up the charts and know how to target your audience here



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