Do you want to see your Competitor’s ad copy?

People always wondor how other businesses are doing & what they are communicating. Here is the Facebook ad library where all the active ads go into, providing transparency to all who use the Facebook ad feature as a comprehensive database to search.

You can use this library to understand and analyze your target market or even keep a watchful eye on your competitor's ad Copies & creatives for you to know how they are writing & what they are positioning. It helps you to get a bunch of new ideas to create/positioning the content.

If you go deep, you can know the number of ad copies, what kind of ad copy it is. You will get the strategy, but it’s not easy, it takes a lot of time to understand the strategy of competitors. Keep monitoring the competitors & understand how they are doing.

Use this to analyze, don't copy what they are doing. Just observe so you will get a strategy that is suitable for your brand.

Facebook Ads Library -

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Sureshrajan P

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer. I help eCommerce brands to scale their revenue.