9 Lessons to run successful Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Business.

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6 min readJul 24, 2020
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Everyone wants to be on top of the game when it’s about growing business through Facebook ads, but what many fail to understand is the way to approach it in a dimension that’s sure to make you walk back home with a good fortune.

Well, last year has been truly a splendid ride for me considering business growth through Facebook Ads. You are about to see the 9 lessons that I have learned from generating over 20 million revenue for a single eCommerce business in the past year, and perhaps you can take down a few notes on improving your game now.

Facebook Ads Manager Overview

1. Warming the pixel can help Facebook ads to understand your audience

Pixel Activity

Pixel is a code enabled to the backend of a website to monitor user’s interaction over which you can optimize your ads. Warming up or adding traffic to your pixel will return you with a handful of specified audiences to target filtered based on their interests and actions as tested by the pixel you added and also it helps Facebook Ads to understand your core audience based on pixel activities. If you are starting the journey with Facebook ads, warming the pixel before you run a conversion campaign is definitely worth your time. Most of the start-up firms don’t use more pixels thus returning them with dull traffic numbers.

2. If we have more purchase data to create a lookalike, we can maximize Lookalike ad campaign results

Lookalike Audience

When you have a decent number of purchases from your pixel traffic, you can add more people without testing the ads, since you already have purchased users on your hand, ads can find their way to reach look alike audience thus saving your effort in identifying audience looking like your existing customers where they are more likely to get converted since their interests and behavior match.

3. Run some campaigns for a longer period that can maximize your ROAS

Campaign Insights

Never pull your ads off the chart in less than a week until running a sale campaign for a specific time period. Run the ad campaign for as long as possible to reach your audience which helps to maximize your ROAS. You should have a close watch on your campaign and regular follow-ups to make sure the ads don’t get Ad Fatigue, higher frequency & lower CTR. Run the campaign for a longer period & keep optimizing your audience while actions are coming down.

4. Increasing the budget suddenly will increase the cost per result.

Ad set level result comparision

Just because one plans to invest huge bucks on a campaign doesn’t necessarily bring them good numbers. As a matter of fact, Facebook finds it hard to target an audience if the budget shoots up suddenly and hence you will be left with a much broader audience over which you have to identify your people that will eventually shoot up your cost per result. So always make a gradual move up the radars to keep winning the rounds.

5. Dynamic ads is a backbone of e-commerce because it recovers the sales

When you have potential traffic exiting your page without making a purchase, run dynamic ads to retarget them. Let’s say around 500 visited your page while only 10 have been converted to customers. Letting 490 potential users go would cost a hole in your campaign.

So Facebook allows you to run dynamic ads to specific users with the ads of particular products they viewed on the site. Ecommerce sites have long benefited from dynamic ads.

In fact, we recovered around 60% revenue through dynamic Ads alone.

6. Creative Attractiveness can increase the CTR

Facebook Ad Post

This is much more common criteria for every business aspect; let your creative mind take the driver seat. Be creative and vibrant that attracts instant attraction the moment a user sees it. Here is a Facebook ad video which got CTR 8.34%

All you have to do is to make the user stop scrolling the feed with your creative ads that must give them an insight into what you are trying to sell them. In short, bring in a tempting factor among the users to get the necessary interaction and CTR will fall in places.

7. Creating a brand Name, Makes huge different in the sales & investment

A product doesn’t find its way to a user’s heart on its own. This is where brand value comes in handy. Make a signature for your brand that flashes across customer's conscious whenever they are exposed to a particular colour, logo, or even a sound. Create an impulsive video, reach different sets of audiences and connect with them to make sure you have a deep bridge set between you and your audience.

Don’t steer away from investing time and money in setting up a brand image. If you target the same set of audiences with ads from two different brands, the one with more brand image and more talked about will sweep the most purchases. If you have noticed on the same brand results screenshot, you can see the major difference in the spent amount and purchase value. Have a look at the image again.

8. Monitoring user activities on the landing page will help to understand & optimize the products.

You can hit a home run in this cutthroat market only when you have a good grip on the audience behaviour and interaction. Stay with your users, monitor their actions, and pay close attention to what they like and what they loathe and then start working on it.

I use Google Page Analytics, Hotjar & Crazy egg to monitor user activities like clicks, spending time, and more on the landing page. This will ensure that the audience believes they are being well understood and given more value as their expectations and needs are met through you.

Did you know? you can use Google Page Analytics extension to analyze user simple activities like clicks, bounce rate, real-time users, exit rate on the landing page itself. It will help you to optimize your website layout, and improve user experience.

Google Page Analytics

9. Creating goal funnel can help to understand users flow for the campaign

Goal Funnel in Google Analytics

This is a standard visualized report from Google analytics on evaluating your ad campaign. Goal funnels help a lot during the conversion specifically for an eCommerce business where you can know everything from how your ads have performed, the conversion rates, how many have added it to cart, etc. This proves its mettle when you try to improve your overall strategy. Before running a campaign, set up the goal in google analytics to view the users
flow like this.

These are the important things I have learned from running the campaign, I hope this might bring about a change when you are planning to run ads for your business. Remember to always be creative and vibrant with ad contents, since getting a user’s attention is all that matters at the end of the day.



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