3 Effective Ways to Create Brand Awareness & Measure the Success in 2022

Sureshrajan P
7 min readJan 18, 2022

Shoppers are much more invested in the brand than the products themselves. It is no wonder that we see people flocking the Nike stores even when they don’t really have a clear picture of what and how the new product might look.

This is what brand awareness does to its consumers, Brand awareness is what every brand should do in the initial stage and also when they want to scale it to new people. In this quick blog, I have curated a list of things you should know about brand awareness and how you can grow your brand using one.

Before we get right into brand awareness, these are the three major parts of brand awareness

  • 3 Effective Brand Awareness Strategies
  • Promotion Platforms
  • Metrics to Measure Success.

1. 3 Effective Brand Awareness Strategies

When it comes to Brand strategy there are three points to consider

  • Free sample
  • Video sequence
  • Content marketing

1.1. Giving Free Sample:

It is a great idea to provide free samples but this is not possible universally for all brands. It is not advisable to give out free samples in some categories like metal, wooden logs, and other unconventional commodities.

Did you know that close to 89% of shoppers stay loyal to their brands that share their values according to smallbizgenius.

In the initial stage, people get to use your product without spending more money on it. Providing free samples and promoting your product through ads will likely build your brand awareness and if they like the product, they will come back to you to make a purchase again, now they have become your repeat customer.

Now you don’t have to spend more money on them. If the product is not good, they will not come back to us. Product quality is more important than giving out free samples.

1.2.Sequence of videos:

Using this strategy brands can communicate problems and apt solutions that the brand brings. Most brands use these videos to create brand awareness and also to stay connected with their existing audience, you need to create multiple videos to list out the problems and solutions.

For example,

Video 1 — Problems faced by Customers

Video 2 — Solutions offered by brands

Video 3 — Brand’s USP

For example, the Indian-owned money transferring brand Phonepe did an excellent job of using a sequence of video ads to create brand awareness. This will help you get more attention from the general audience.

1.3.Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the most simple yet effective way to create brand awareness.

If you look at the big brands & Products online, they do blogs & videos to get new prospects without spending much money on ads. By doing this, they provide value via content & then people may research about the brand on the website

You can create brand awareness through podcasts, blogs and which is a long-term aspect. It will generally take some time to build awareness and bring the audience to the podcast. But quality content will get you more people.

I am focusing on content to reach the right prospect like you & build awareness about me & why I do this.

Also, one more thing, when we launch any product or brand, we must understand the difference between commodity and brand. If you know, you will be able to create awareness easily for your brand.

Once you know the strategy, you need to have the right platform because the target audience may stay in different places. Next, I will walk you through the importance of platforms for any promotion.

2. Promotion platform.

If you are promoting your products, you need to analyze where your customers are staying. Based on that you need to start focussing on that particular platform. For instance, if your audience is based on Facebook or Instagram, you can use ads to target them there.

You can focus on Facebook ads, paid advertising, guest blogging on popular sites. And the last way is to get featured on the news channels. This is possible in two ways, either they will contact you to interview you about your brand and your product.

If they don’t, there are many agencies who can help you reach out to news channels. Getting featured on the news site will help you create more brand awareness during the initial stage.

If you are doing something unique about your brand, there is more possibility to increase your brand awareness. Influencer marketing is a big deal now with most brands banking on the social media bandwagon to grow brands.

You can tie up with some influencers and propose them to promote your product so that you will get brand awareness and you will get few sales. If you don’t have any unique products, you might not get big sales, but yet people will know about your brand.

3. Measuring Brand Metrics

Now we will look at how to measure brand metrics. Measuring and analyzing brand metrics is more important than running the ads and promotional activities. There are more metrics that will help you understand more about the campaigns. If you monitor and optimize you can scale more people.

3.1. Website Analysis Metrics:

So the first metric to consider is conversion, if they like your product they will make a purchase on your site, that’s a major indicator. If they don’t convert, then you should look at other metrics like,

  • How many people are visiting your site,
  • How many people are spending more time on your site
  • And how many pages they are visiting.

3.2. Social Media Metrics

Those kinds of traffic analysis you can do then you can monitor social media metrics like the number of likes, comments and shares. Because customers will not indulge in engagement without having any reason.

So you can monitor those kinds of metrics and also when customers visit your page to explore more about your brand. If your profile visit is high then, people are looking for your brand, or they want to know more about you.

3.3. Direct Visits

Another metric is the people who will come to your site directly. If you check on the acquisition channels, you can see a column called direct. If people are coming through that, then people are familiar with the brand.

3.4. Brand Keywords

People search for your brand name along with the product keyword like “Nike shoe”. This is a major indicator for a successful campaign. These are the things you should mainly analyze while running your campaigns. So if people are engaging more during the campaigns, it means it is performing pretty well.

So you can start scaling more people and budgets. If you are not sure who your target audience is, then you can start to understand by testing further. When you test you get to know who is more likely to engage and get converted.

You can also go in-depth with other explorations. Brand awareness will not happen in one month or three months. It happens over a period of time, you can see the subtle increase in the audience numbers.

If you are starting with an estimated audience of 5000 for the 1st month, you will get around 10,000 in the next three months. So once you have more people, you will get more conversions. If you run a campaign for 6 months, you will get more audience and even if they don’t make a purchase, they will still consider your brand.


If you focus on building brand awareness, you will be able to build your brand successfully online.

When you are running any campaigns, keep running retargeting ad campaigns to the existing audience so that they don’t forget your brand.

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